How to Clean Your Shark Vacuum Cleaner.

The best shark vacuum is one of the best vacuum cleaners you can have in the market. It can help you to suck in small dirt and tiny hair on all types of floors, even in hardwood floor .
It is also one of the most durable vacuum cleaners which can serve you well for many years.
However, if you fail to clean your vacuum cleaner properly, you might start to see it start to lose its suction. Therefore, you need to clean your vacuum cleaner in a daily basis to maintain it at its best condition and prolong its life time.
So when do you need to clean your shark vacuum cleaner?
Basically, you need to give your vacuum cleaner a good clean once a month. You need to do it more often if you live in a big and dirty house and you tend to use your vacuum cleaner a lot.
You also need to clean it sooner if you notice some of the symptoms I mention below.
Here are some signs that indicate a clean off your vacuum cleaner:
  • You feel like that it has lost its suction.
  • There are still dirt and hair left after you vacuum the floor.
  • You hear loud and weird noise coming out from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Lastly, you notice some unpleasant odor emitted from the appliance.
How to clean your shark vacuum cleaner?
The parts of a shark vacuum cleaner that we need to clean include the canister, filter and rotating brush.

1. Cleaning the Rotating Brush

Before you clean your vacuum cleaner, remember to unplug the appliance and lay it carefully down on the ground with some towel underneath so that the remaining dirt will not fall out onto the ground.
Pull all of the hair and strings that get stuck under the rotating brush. Use a pair of scissors and cut through the stuck pieces if necessary.

2. Cleaning the Canister

First, you need to empty the canister. Carefully and slowly pour all of the dirt and debris inside the canister into a bin.
After that, you need to wash this canister with warm water and soap. After that, you can hang it in a sunny place for it to dry and kill off any bacteria left.
In case you think the canister is too smelly, you could try to wash it with warm water and vinegar before air drying it.

3. Cleaning the Filter

This is where most people often forget to clean. If you also don’t clean the filer often, it will create an unpleasant odor and reduce the ability to clean the air-borne particles.
Most of the filters in vacuum cleaners can be wash with machine, just make sure you read to manual book to make sure you can do so.
Alternatively, you can wash your filter by hand with warm water and detergent. After you clean your filter thoroughly, just hang it out and air dry it.
You need to make sure that the canister and filer are completely dry become you can put them back into the vacuum cleaner.
It is very important for you to keep your vacuum cleaner clean so that it can do its job with efficiency and effectiveness.
You should notice the signs of a dirty cleaner and clean it frequently so that it can work well and provide you a clean and clear living environment you desire.

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