The Common Rules Must Be Known Before Planting Some Trees In the House

Have ever you knew the basic principles to grow some houseplants? If not, please read this article and you should also refer the best led grow light 2017 soon because it will be necessary when your trees begin to be planted.
In fact, not only growing the trees is difficult but also right from the stage choosing the trees what make you appreciate, that is not easy, especially those are the houseplants. But when you know clearly the basic rules to grow trees in the house, you can do all of them very comfortably.
Growing the houseplants need to fit the climate status of your house from the light, temperature, humidity to the caring condition.
  • The conditions of climatic: There are the specific climate features in every house; they are never similar to the others. The light is the most essential factor for the plants, so the houseplants have to withstand the shade because the houses are often the close space. The less the light is, the more narrow the range of options is. Therefore, you had better choose the plants with the short leaves what can live well under the shades or in the conditions lacked of the light.
  • The conditions of care: If you are one of the busy people, do not grow a pot of tree that asking to care meticulously, because it can’t bring a good results, surely! We suggest you to select the types of plant that have the strong existence in order not to look after a lot.

When you plant any trees in your house, the tree must be matching with the dimension as well as the color of your house, or otherwise, you have to make sure that the aesthetic factor of the house is still remained.

  • Fit the dimension of the house: the tree must be matching with the height as well as the width of the room you place it. A tree too big or too small can impact on the aesthetic element of your house. In general, the area of the greenest part in a room must not be over 10% of the area of that room. Thus, the room will have the open feeling, avoid making that space narrow.
  • The color of the plant has to suitable for the interior of your house: you should select the opposing style when you plant some trees in your house. For instance, if the inner space of the room is painted with the light color, let’s select the tree that has the dark-colored leaves; if the context of your space is the pale color, you had better select the brilliant and colorful leaves and flowers. Just like that, you can highlight your room. Of course, you can also select the same tribe for both the room and the tree.
  • The type of the tree must be appropriate to its position: if you choose the species of climbing tree, do not grow them in the pot on the desk, please hang them on the window and balcony. In case your house is decorated in Europe style, let’s grow the kinds of rare orchids. And if your furniture is designed in Oriental style, the pot is the best. When you combine all of them harmoniously, you can affect directly the art aspect or your house, make it light, new and nice.

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