Topic 2: Maintain a Weed Eater

Although, there are differences between three types of weed eaters (gas, electric, and cordless weed eaters), the maintenance of them are some comparisons. Because of complex mechanical equipment, gas weed eaters need much more preservation than the others. However, in the post, I give you the guide for all of the weed eaters. The most parts are used for gas weed eaters, but some tips are connected to all the types.

When you buy a weed eater, its own manual will be enclosed with instructions of the maintenance. Generally, the instruction is divided into several tasks based on the frequency you use weed eaters. Some guides have advice checking equipment before every use or you will be asked to examine once a year.



  1. Test some parts of your weed eater in advance every use. Pay attention to screws in the case they are not fixed in place tightly. Do the same with other parts. To make certain of the good condition of the deflector. If you possess a gas weed eater, to assure the gas tank is full and the gas will not be leaked. Check the end of the weed eater to ensure it’s not be broken from the earlier job.
  2. Before working, heat up the machine to the suitable temperature. To let go of the trigger part and guarantee the line doesn’t turn on at inactive speed. Although the line doesn’t turn on at inactive speed, the motor should not fatten. Using a gas weed eater, you need to make the carburetor air filter clean or subtitle a new one if necessary before modifying the carburetor settings. Do the same with the spark arrestor.
  3. Turn on the weed eater at normal working speed and examine any indications of unusual vibrations. Examine some parts have problems of loosening, breaking, or missing on the controls, grips, metal springs, and soft anti-vibration isolator. Though sudden and heavy impact absorbing parts don’t influence the process of operating, vibrations give material failure, and can make eternal damage to the duration for the longer time.
  4. After you are finished, clean and examine carefully the weed eater as soon as the engine turns into the cool temperature. You should clean all obvious debris, repair problems of the screen or renew one if debris prevents the constantly empty stream.
  5. If you use gas weed eaters, you should supply new spark plugs each time running out of 100 hours usage. You need to follow exactly the steps of the gap setting in weed eaters’ manual within the most suitable gap tool and feeler gauges.
  6. Every week, you should take a look thoroughly at lubricant in the gear container of the weed eater’s head. It’s necessary to have enough lubricant. Unfasten the cover on the gear container and add a little substance into the gate and then supply a new cap in case it is out of lubricant. However, don’t fill completely full oil of the gear container.
  7. If you use corded weed eaters, you should examine carefully the cord in advance every time to assure the security.

Follow all rules of this list might be a complex work, but make it a habit to maintain your weed eater’s duration and save your money.

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