Hardwood floors are beautiful to have and also increase the value of your property. However, they can often be tricky to clean without damaging their surface. If you want to clean a hardwood floor without damaging it, you need a specific hardwood floor vacuum specifically designed to clean wooden floors.


The best vacuums cleaner for Hardwood floor usually have the same design and power as a standard vacuum, but they are considerably lighter to carry, and have adjustable features to make them usable on wooden surfaces without damaging them. The top rated ones also have an adjustable suction control setting that you can change depending on what surface you are vacuuming. There can also be a height adjuster, which will be useful to getting your vacuum around.


The most important feature on the best hardwood floor cleaner is the option to turn off the brush roll. This is because the bristles can scratch the floor when you roll your vacuum across it, unless they are made of a fine or soft material. For the same reasons, you should pick a vacuum with rubber wheels so those also won’t damage the floor when you are vacuuming.

There are several vacuum cleaners with hardwood floor-specific designs. For example, cyclonic technology allows the vacuum to pick up dirt and other particles from the hardwood without scratching up the wood surface. However, these models are much more expensive, and because they are only specific to hardwood floors they are limited in their function.

Two main considerations in picking a hardwood floor vacuum are firstly, how much dirt it can pick up, and secondly, how loud it is. Even though manufacturers can tell you about how effective the product is, they might not have the specifications on the amount of dirt it collects or its noise level.

We can test how well a vacuum lifts dirt off a bare floor by doing the following: we sprinkled a certain amount of sawdust on the floor and looked at how much of the sawdust was vacuumed, and how many passes it took the vacuum to do so. Most vacuums will pick up 90-100% of the sawdust on the floor, but sometimes the lower-ranked models will have issues trying to pick up everything. Obviously, the best vacuums will take fewer passes over the sawdust to pick it all up. This test will tell you which vacuums have the strongest suction, and are the most effective for cleaning the floor.

While its suction power is important for picking a vacuum, you should also test for how noisy it is, and this can often be a determining factor. For hardwood floor vacuums, there seem to be minimal differences between them, although cordless vacuum cleaners made the least amount of noise.

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