Finding An Architect

Finding An Architect: When trying to find a good architect the first thing you must keep in mind is that you will be working in close proximity with this person throughout the entire project so you should take your time and interview as many architects as you can and choose one who is easy to be around.

Your final decision should be based on the type of relationship you and the architect have, whether you have very good communication dialog and whether you feel comfortable in each others company.

He/she must be someone with whom you will feel comfortable talking to, someone who is easy to get along with and who is willing to assist in any way to make your building project less complicated.

Find a good architect

The first place to start is by asking your friends who might have been through a similar type of project and they may be able to suggest the architect who designed their own home, or may know of one that they probably heard of through other friends.

You can also visit the internet sites where you will be able to find lots of architects in your area where you will be able to access information about their work experience and some might even have examples of some of the various projects that they have worked on including info on previous clients who will be able to provide you with their personal experience with the architecture in question.

When you attend a meeting with a prospective architect, do not be afraid to ask questions, ask to see photos of some of his past work experience, ask for references, past clients, ask about your project and whether the architect has ever designed a similar project, get the feel of the architect, his personality is very important for a good working relationship through out the entire project.

After your interviews with your prospective architects follow up by contacting some of his past clients to get their input on their experience with the architect. If possible visit some of the various projects in your neighborhood that he has worked on to get an idea of his working designs.

Then take a couple of days to go back over all the important details of each interview weighing all the likes and dislikes and hopefully you will choose the right architect for your project.

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