Medical Stethoscope


The process of using a best stethoscope for medical to listen to the sounds inside the body is called auscultation. This is done to examine the respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems of a human body.

With the correct use of the stethoscope, you can hear the bowel sounds, as well as the beating of the heart and pacing of the breath of your patient. Using the results can help the health professional give a proper diagnosis in order to help treat the patient, whether it be a child or adult.

Medical Stethoscope – Practice Of Auscultation

The practice of auscultation can only be performed by people with enough clinical experience. During this process, the doctors will look for any abnormalities in the heart area, like unfamiliar sounds, gallops or skipping of the heartbeats. In the gastrointestinal area of the body, they listen for bowel sounds with the medical stethoscope.

When the doctor or nurse is listening to a patient’s lungs, they will make sure that there are no crackles or wheezes, or else they will take note that there is something else bothering the patient. This process helps to eliminate certain factors along the way to a successful diagnosis.

If you are new in the profession and you have few experiences in performing the auscultation process with the use of medical stethoscope, these techniques can help you master the craft easily.

Medical Stethoscope – 2 Important Techniques

  1. You have to place the stethoscope directly on the person’s chest, so you have to make sure that any item of clothing in that area is removed. The position of the patient differs depending on the body parts that must be examined.
  2. If you are specifically concerned with the cardiac area, the room where you will do the inspection must be void of distracting noises. In addition the room must have a warm temperature, must be silent and it should also be well-lit. This is essential to help give the best results for the doctor.

There is a certain kind of  stethoscope, which is the electrical type that can be used as a recording device. This helps in enhancing the signal of the equipment and can also reduce noises from outside factors, so that the output will be sound and clear. Such a type of medical stethoscope  is typically used in teaching and in conducting treatments in remote areas.

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